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  • Stephen Orpin – Director of Finance
  • Richard Sykes – Head of Financial Management
  • Stuart Doyle – Deputy Director of Finance
  • Hannah Ferris – Deputy Director of Finance
  • Mark Pordage – Head of Service Level Agreements
  • Kate Lawrence – Head of Financial Services
  • Patrick McGinley – Head of Costing and SLR
  • Keren Loder – Head of Finance Systems

Internal Audit services are provided by TIAA.

Purchase orders and suppliers

The Trust has recently been raising awareness to managers about the requirement for using official Purchase Orders when buying goods and services. A notice has been sent to suppliers informing them that we have introduced a ‘No purchase order – no payment’ policy. All supplier invoices must quote an order number. A copy of the letter (20 Sep 16) can be seen here.

Supplier transactions

All NHS bodies are required to publish details of individual invoices and transactions that are over £25,000. This is in response to guidance from HM Treasury which sets out the scope of the data. We are directed to include all expenditure other than transactions which may be exempted for reasons provided by the Data Protection Act and data that might be a betrayal of a commercial confidence or prejudicial to a legitimate commercial interest. If you have a valid reason to request that any data published in these files should be removed, please submit your details. Data will be published by working day 15 after each month end. Transactions will be included on the basis of payment date and the value of the whole invoice.

A link to the HM Treasury Document: Transparency – Publication of spend over £25,000 Trusts were advised on 25 Oct 10 to remove details of VAT registration numbers and payments to Legal Counsel. Please note: you can also find out more about finance at the Trust by reading our latest annual report, located on the publications page or browsing information published under the Publication Scheme.