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The work of Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust is overseen by the Board, which has a statutory responsibility for the Trust.

The Board consists of a Chair (Non-Executive), five other Non-Executive Directors (voting members), the Chief Executive, and four Executive Directors (voting members). Other Directors (non-voting) also attend the Board, and contribute to its deliberations and decision-making. Non-Executive Directors are members of the public who live in the area that the Trust serves and who responded to advertisements for the posts.

The Chair and the other Non-Executive members are appointed by the Secretary of State for Health, via NHS Improvement. Technically, they are not employees of the Trust (and have no employment rights), and the terms of their appointment (including their remuneration) are set by NHS Improvement.

Further details of the role of NHS Improvement, and the remuneration for Non-Executives, can be found at

Further details of how the membership of the Trust Board has changed over time, and how the Board functions, can be found in the Trust’s Annual Reports. Executive Directors are Trust employees.

Board members' expenses

The Trust publishes summary details of expenses claimed by Board members (i.e. the Non-Executive Directors, voting Executive Directors and those non-voting Directors who regularly attend the board).

The information posted on this site shows the amount of expenses claimed for reimbursement by the named Board member, broken down by category, during the quarter/s shown. Please note the amounts shown are for the date/s when expenses were paid, not the date when they were incurred by the Board member.

For Executive Directors the Trust follows the expenses and allowances guidance from the NHS Staff Council, as detailed in the NHS Terms and Conditions of Service Handbook. Although for general terms and conditions, this handbook excludes very senior managers and staff within the remit of the Doctors’ and Dentists’ Review Body (which would include all our Executive Directors), the Trust still applies the guidance within the handbook in related Executive Directors expenses. The latest version of this handbook is available at the NHS Employers website. For Non-Executive Directors (including the Chairman), expenses are paid at rates set by the Secretary of State for Health, via the NHS Trust Development Authority.


To contact members of the board, please contact the Executive secretarial team on 01622 226412.

For any queries regarding the Trust Board please contact Melanie Norbury, Interim Trust Secretary, at