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Patients & Visitors

We aim to provide high quality care in a safe and clean environment. Our staff are guided by our values of putting our patients first and making sure everyone is treated with dignity and respect at all times.

We offer single sex wards at Maidstone Hospital and Tunbridge Wells Hospital has single en-suite rooms on all wards. Single sex accommodation may be provided in single sex wards and single sex bays or rooms within mixed wards. Download our Declaration of Compliance.

In exceptional circumstances in which a patient needs urgent or specialist care in areas such as Accident and Emergency, Intensive Care Unit, Coronary Care Unit, Stroke Unit or recovery, mixing men and women may be unavoidable. We will work to resolve such situations as quickly as possible and will keep patients and their families informed about our actions. During these times, our priority will be to maintain patients’ privacy and dignity.

If you have any concerns about privacy and dignity, please speak to the ward sister/charge nurse in the first instance or the matron for the area. Alternatively, you can contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) on 01622 224960.

Our visiting hours are 8am to 8pm. Some wards may have different visiting hours so do check individual wards via the A-Z Wards.

Improvements to patient care over the winter period

As part of our winter plan this year, we are making some changes to the way we deliver our services. Last year, the unprecedented emergency demand we experienced meant we had to cancel many planned operations at short notice. We hope the changes we are making this year will help avoid high numbers of cancellations while ensuring we maintain good patient care for everyone we see.

From 11 December, some patients who would usually have their pre-planned procedures at Tunbridge Wells Hospital, will be going to Maidstone for their care. These will primarily be patients coming in for routine ENT, gynaecology and orthopaedic procedures. While we understand some people may have to travel further for their surgery, we hope it will mean that we can reduce waiting times and avoid having to cancel routine operations.

We will still be carrying out emergency procedures at Tunbridge Wells Hospital, as well as some other more complex pre-planned procedures.

Patients will be informed, in advance, of the date and location of their surgery as normal.

Patients who do not wish to have their surgery at Maidstone, can opt to have their procedure at Tunbridge Wells after these temporary changes are no longer in place at the end of March 2018.

We will make every effort to minimise disruption to our patients. It is very important, however, that we take whatever action we can to minimise the risks posed by another winter of high demand for our services and provide safe, high quality care for everyone we see.

Many thanks for your understanding and support.

Patient access to treatment

Read our policy on patient referral to treatment (RTT) access and waiting times. The policy encompasses procedures for managing patient access to RTT services from booking, notice requirements, patients’ choice and waiting list management for all stages of a referral to treatment, including discharge to primary care or other provider.

MTW makes every effort to ensure that referrals are handled efficiently and equitably, in line with national guidance, and to ensure that the patient’s best interests and wishes are at the forefront of the way the Trust operates.

Reducing infections

We pride ourselves on having very low infection rates.

However, we need your help to make sure we keep infection rates down. Please help us protect our patients by making sure you use the gel provided in all areas of our hospitals to clean your hands. There are also wash hand basins close to every bed for everyone to use before and after they come into contact with patients.

Handy tips on how to prevent and reduce the spread of infections can be found on our visiting hours page.

Or you can read more about how we’re preventing infections in Our quality story.

Keeping safe while staying in our hospitals