Your appointment or admission at MTW

If you have been referred for an appointment or are to be admitted to either Maidstone or Tunbridge Wells Hospital, we will contact you to arrange a date.

Cancelling or changing your appointment or admission 

We understand there may be times when you are unable to attend your appointment or admission. If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible so that your appointment can be given to another patient. You can call our dedicated appointment cancellation lines listed below. Patients failing to attend an appointment or admission mean other patients have to wait longer to be seen.

Clinical Administration Unit office opening hours 8am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Head & Neck – tel 01622 228218
  • Surgery Breast, Urology and Pain – tel 01622 228220
  • Trauma & Orthopaedics – tel 01622 228221
  • Women’s & Children – tel 01622 228222
  • General Medicine, Rheumatology, Neurology, Care of Elderly, Respiratory, Diabetes and Cardiology – tel 01622 228219

 PLEASE NOTE: Calls to our Clinical Administration Units are recorded for quality and training purposes

Appointment reminder service

We have an appointment reminder service that will automatically:

  • phone you seven days before your appointment to tell you when and where your appointment is
  • offer you the opportunity to change or cancel your appointment
  • send an SMS text reminder to you if you haven’t responded to our call, if we have a mobile number for you
  • phone you the day before your appointment to remind you

Please ensure we have your correct phone number so that we can remind you of when and where your appointment is. This can be your landline telephone number. If you wish to receive text reminder alerts please provide us with your mobile phone number. You can do this by one of our dedicated appointment numbers listed above.

If you do not wish to receive an appointment reminder it is possible to opt of the service by contacting the dedicated appointment numbers or talking to a member of staff when you next visit our hospital. You can opt back in at any time by contacting us by the same methods

If you have a question about your appointment or admission, please contact the relevant Clinical Administration Unit using the telephone numbers above. Please remember the Clinical Administration Unit manages appointments only and cannot give you medical advice.