Here, we publish case studies showing how our complaints procedure works and how issues and concerns raised by patients and their families have been resolved.

  1. Mrs L contacted us to highlight concerns about the antenatal care she received from the Trust. Read more about how the complaint was handled here
  2. Mr W contacted us to highlight concerns about the post-operative management of his catheter following a biopsy procedure at Tunbridge Wells Hospital. Read more about the case here
  3. Miss D contacted the Trust following cancellation of her elective admission on the day. Read the findings of our investigation here
  4. Mr R contacted the Trust following the death of his wife to question why she had not been referred for a liver transplant as he believes that this would have improved her chance of survival. Read about the complaint investigation here
  5. Ms B had concerns that her father did not receive treatment in line with his treatment plan. Read the outcome of the investigation here
  6. Mrs L raised concerns about a delay in diagnosing spinal fractures when her brother presented to A&E . Read how Mrs L’s complaint was upheld here
  7. Mrs E complained about a lack of co-ordination in her care and treatment in A&E, ophthalmology and ENT. Read the outcome of the investigation here
  8. Mrs F contacted our Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS) after developing a tumour at the site of a previous hip replacement. Read how MTW investigated her case and upheld her complaint here
  9. Mrs R wrote to the Trust to raise concerns about a delay in her partner, Mr S, having his ERCP procedure. Read about the outcome of this investigation here
  10. Mr A contacted PALS to raise concerns about his wife’s experience in A&E. Read how this complaint was partly upheld here
  11. Mrs E raised concerns on behalf of her mother, Mrs R, that she was incorrectly diagnosed with renal cancer. Read how we investigated the complaint here
  12. Mrs H raised a complaint regarding communication around her daughter’s care. Read how the complaint was upheld here
  13. Mrs R raised a complaint about a delay in providing chemotherapy to her late husband, Mr R. Read how the complaint was not upheld here.