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The Accessible Information Standard (AIS) was sent out by NHS England in July 2016. It is the law that all places that provide health and social care to people have to follow the standard.

The standard means that people who have a disability, hearing or eye problems get information that they can easily find and understand. It also means that anyone who needs help talking with us gets it.

At the Trust, we want to make sure that our patients, their carers and parents can find and understand the information they are given. This includes making the information available in large print, braille, easy read or in an email if they want it.

We will also make sure that British Sign Language (BSL) translators, deaf/blind translators or people to help with talking to our staff are available.

What the Trust is going to do

1. We are going to start by asking our patients if they need any help to find or read information such as leaflets or help talking with us. If they say yes, we will ask how we can help.
2. We will make a note of how we can help in their patient notes.
3. We will make sure that our staff know about the patients who need help.
4. We will share details with other places and people who provide care if patients want us to.
5. We will make sure that people who have told us they need help with information, get information in a way they can easily find and understand it and get help talking to us if they need it.

You can find more information about the standard here:

How you can tell us if you need help

If you need help finding information, understanding information or talking to us, please let a member of our staff know when you come to your next appointment.