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Sexual Health Services


New telephone number for integrated sexual health services: 0300 373 0709

This number gives options to speak to staff for all five of our services across our sites:

  • Rubin Clinic, Maidstone Hospital
  • Rowan Tree Surgery, Tunbridge Wells
  • Riverside Clinic, Gravesham Community Hospital, Gravesend
  • Rubin Clinic, Overy Street, Dartford
  • SHUK (online home STI screening service)

During the period of transition to our new number, the previous numbers for individual sites will remain active.

If you need to cancel your appointment we have the option of a designated cancellation line: 01622 225101.

This is an automated service which asks for your name, DOB, contact number and the date, time and venue of your appointment. Messages can be left at any time during the day or night and are checked regularly. Allowing sufficient time before your appointment would be much appreciated.

Assessment form for replacement of existing coil

The Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells Integrated Sexual Health Service (Rubin Clinic) can fit IUCDs (coils) for contraception only, not for the treatment of Gynaecological problems.

If you only require an IUS (hormonal coil) inserted or exchanged to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding or for peri-menopausal symptoms as part of your Hormone Replacement Therapy, please contact your GP to have your procedure or to be referred to Gynaecology for this to be done.

An IUD (copper coil) fitted at or after the age of 40 does not need replacing and will be effective for contraception until 1-2 years after your last ever period, usually around the age of 50-51 years.

An IUS (Mirena/Levosert/Benilexa) fitted at or after the age of 45 will be effective for contraception, without the need for an exchange until the age of 55 years. After the age of 55 years, it can safely be removed without further risk of pregnancy.

Other IUS – Kyleena and Jaydess, will still need to be replaced at 5 and 3 years from fitting, respectively.

If you require any type of coil exchanged for contraception, please complete and return the proforma below as per the instructions within the form.

As of 3 January 2024, licensing for the Mirena coil has been updated.  For women whose Mirena coil was inserted before the age of 45, the device has now been licensed as being effective for contraception for 8 years. This means that these coils only need to be replaced if they were inserted 8 years ago or more, if used for contraception. If used for HRT purposes, the guidance remains the same – it should be replaced after 5 years of use.

Benilexa and Levosert coils are currently still only licensed for contraception for 6 years of use and should be replaced within this timeframe, if fitted before the age of 45 years.

In order to offer the best, safest and most efficient service and to ensure our appointments are used most appropriately, we are introducing some assessment forms to be completed for our patients requesting an implant or a coil procedure.

Please complete and return the correct form for the procedure you require:

Coil insertion

Coil exchange

Coil removal

Implant insertion

Implant exchange

Once you have returned the form, one of our staff will be in touch within 14 days to book your appointment. Please contact us by email ( if you don’t hear anything within 14 days of submitting your form.

Please note that implant removals are booked directly by calling the Rubin Clinic on 0300 373 0709.

If you are unable to complete the form online, appointments may also be accessed by calling the clinic on 0300 373 0709. However, you may require a telephone assessment prior to being offered an appointment for your procedure.

Advice for patients attending north and west Kent sexual health services

We are operating a ‘booked appointment’ only service to our patients and this will be offered if necessary following a telephone consultation with one of our clinicians, who will discuss your concerns and signpost you to the most appropriate service.

If your problem is urgent don’t worry as we do have a number of same day appointments available every day to see you as soon as possible.

We do not offer walk in appointments but we understand that you may be concerned so please ring us first and we will be able to help you.

Currently we are providing the following:

  • STI care clinics daily for STI testing and diagnostic tests for those with symptoms (including a same day clinic for those with urgent problems)
  • STI treatment clinics for those with a positive STI test result who need treatment
  • Emergency contraception
  • SHUK Online STI home screening service (please see section and links below)
  • All methods of oral and injectable contraception (pills, patch, ring and injections)
  • All LARC methods with insertion and removal procedure clinics (implants and coils)
  • Deep implant removal clinic
  • HIV services for those living with HIV including routine annual monitoring appointments, urgent care advice and antiretroviral home care delivery
  • HIV PEP/PEPSE – HIV post exposure prophylaxis including following sexual exposure
  • HIV PrEP – HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis
  • Dermatology clinic for genital lumps, bumps and skin lesions
  • Young Persons clinic.

All patients can call us on 0300 373 0709 for appointments or any queries.

Clinic addresses and opening hours


SHUK STI Home screening

Alternatively, if you would prefer to screen at home please use the online STI testing service via or visit the Kent County Council website via health/health/sexual-health.  You will complete a triage online and will either be sent a kit to your home or be offered a call back from one of our nurses, dependent on your needs.

We will be updating our website on a regular basis.  Please be assured we will do our best to meet your needs.

If you are over 16 years of age and live in Kent and you are just looking for a check-up you can order a home testing kit.


The NEXPLANON implant is currently the only progestogen-only contraceptive subdermal implant available in the UK. The implant is a highly effective long-acting reversible method of contraception, licensed for three years of use for contraception.

Our clinics

The Rubin Clinic Sexual Health services provide expert care on all areas of sexual health, HIV care and contraception with a professional, non-judgmental approach across Maidstone, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks. We have a range of specialist doctors and nurses who can help you.

We welcome people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion and age.

How you can contact us

You can come along to any of our confidential services for advice, tests and treatment, but we do suggest that you look at our weekly list of clinic services in your area before you call us.

For advice on STIs, contraception and HIV, or to book an appointment contact us on 0300 373 0709. We are happy to provide information and advice over the phone during our opening hours.

If you need to cancel your appointment we have a designated cancellation line. This is an automated service which asks for your name, DOB, contact number and the date, time and venue of your appointment. Messages can be left at any time during the day or night and are checked regularly. Allowing sufficient time before your appointment would be much appreciated.  Cancellation Line No. 01622 225101.

Professionals can refer patients by emailing

Video consultation

If you have arranged a video consultation appointment, please click here.

STI screening

If you are asymptomatic please use the online STI testing service via or visit the Kent County Council website.

We will be updating our website on a regular basis.  Please be assured we will do our best to meet your needs.

A service that’s easy to access

We can usually offer most patients the opportunity to be seen the same day or the next working day but sometimes if you have an urgent problem or limited time you may have to travel to be seen quickly or at a time that is convenient for you.

We are open five days a week and have booked appointment clinics.

If you are under 25 years you can attend our clinics any day of the week. We have dedicated young person clinics in all of our services.

When to test

  • Testing for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea should be done two weeks after an episode of unprotected sex in those without symptoms or sooner if you have symptoms of discharge.
  • Testing for HIV should be done four weeks after an episode of unprotected sex, or sooner if you have any symptoms of fever, rash and sore throat.
  • Testing for Syphilis should be done twelve weeks after an episode of unprotected sex or sooner if you have any symptoms of rash, or sores on your genitals, bottom or mouth.

Here to listen, not to tell

We provide a confidential service to all of our patients. This means you can talk to us about any problem and we will listen.

You can tell others about your visit, but we won’t. Sometimes we might have to consider passing on confidential information without your permission to protect you, or someone else from very serious harm. This is not something we would do unless we were very worried about you and we would always try and discuss our concerns with you first.

We sometimes suggest that we inform your GP of on-going treatment or conditions. We would only write to your GP with your agreement. If you have any questions about confidentiality please feel free to contact us or discuss it with us when you come to one of our clinics.