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Information for HIV positive patients using our services

We offer HIV outpatient services at Maidstone Hospital and Gravesend Community Hospital.

You can refer yourself to our clinic by contacting us and the numbers are listed below:

Contact details for our HIV services:

  • The Rubin Clinic Maidstone on 0300 373 0709
  • The Riverside Clinic Gravesend on 0300 373 0709


Services are open 9-5pm Monday to Friday

HIV appointments

To make a telephone appointment  please call the number of the clinic you wish to attend as early as you can and speak to a member of our reception team. You will be contacted by a member of the HIV team the same day if you call before 3pm.

Our routine HIV clinics are open but we are operating telephone appointments and video consultations appointments to all patients so we can assess you first and then arrange a face to face appointment in the clinic. By talking to you first we can make sure we know exactly what we need to do for you if you have to come in and we can prepare everything so as to keep your time spent in the clinic to a minimum.

We are now offering all of our stable patients one telephone appointment and one clinic visit for blood tests and a general health check over the next  year to reduce time spent in the hospital and to reduce your travel and time in line with COVID recommended advice and guidance.

If you have more complicated care needs we are able to see you more frequently and provide you with the care that you need.

If you need to attend the clinic in person please read the information below

  • Please do not attend if you feel you may have symptoms of COVID 19 infection or have a temperature – you will not be allowed to attend for your appointment if you have a temperature
  • The Hospitals are checking patient temperatures on arrival at the main reception and this can delay you attending on time for your appointment so we advise arriving 10 minutes earlier.
  • Please wear a face covering or mask at all times while in the hospital
  • Please note that main doors to our clinics may be closed and you will have to knock on the door to be allowed in when you arrive at the clinic
  • You will be asked to sit in a socially distant way in the waiting area
  • You may be asked to enter and exit through different doors and staff will guide you as to what to do your clinic


We are currently providing HIV medication through the Homecare delivery service so your medication should arrive on time as usual.

If you usually collect your medication from the clinic, please call us first to see if has arrived – please do not just turn up at the clinic as we are not seeing patients unless we have spoken to them first.

What to do if you are running out of medication and have 14 days or less remaining

If you normally receive your medication from the Homecare delivery service please call them  on 01604 433574 Free Phone 0800 0121 551 to confirm if they are due to deliver and let them know that you have less than 2 weeks left.

If you normally collect a prescription from the Hospital please call your usual clinic who can arrange more medication for you to collect.

If you usually attend another clinic please ask your HIV doctor to send us a letter confirming your HIV medication so that we can arrange this for you. They can email us on

HIV and COVID 19 infection

Although rates of COVID infection are lower the infection is still being transmitted.

If you think you have COVID please call 111 or speak to your GP – we cannot see patients with suspected COVID or arrange testing for COVID at our clinics so please do not attend the clinic if you think you may have this.

If you are concerned about COVID and your health we are happy to speak to you but you can also find helpful information on the following websites: