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Pathology tests should be requested electronically. This is to ensure that the correct patient information and requested tests are recorded and results are returned to the requester accurately and in a timely manner.

  • Haematology, Biochemistry, Transfusion, Immunology, Microbiology and Diagnostic Cytology requests should be made via ICE (for GP and community users) or Sunrise PAS (for hospital users).

For queries regarding sample containers, collection procedures or test availability please refer to our Pathology Test Catalogue.

Please refer to the pathology specimen and request form requirements (pdf) for acceptance criteria for requests.

Please note that Pathology will not process samples where the patient and the requestor are the same individual or are suspected of being in a close personal relationship (family/friends).

All NHS staff should be registered with a general practitioner outside their own family. Please see policy on self requesting and result delivery directly to patients.

If electronic systems are unavailable, please download and complete the appropriate manual request form below.

Sunrise (Hospital electronic ordering system)

General information about Sunrise and training can be found here.

To order tests in Sunrise, you will need a login. You will only be able to log into Sunrise if you have completed appropriate training.

To order tests, Sunrise OrderComs training is required.  Training is available on line and as classroom courses. Book via Trust Learning and Development.

Ordering tests

Ordering add-on tests (Biochemistry and haematology only)

Printing labels (add specimen)

Labels must not be printed until the sample is being collected, or an outpatient required to do a “collect at home” sample is in attendance. Samples are either collected at the same time as the order is placed, or at a later stage (e.g. Phlebotomy ward round or phlebotomy outpatient clinic).

Labelling samples

Urgent samples

ICE (electronic ordering for GP practice system)

ICE is a secure electronic ordering system that allows orders for tests to be placed directly in the GP practice system and transmitted to the laboratory system electronically.


  • Track progress of specimen from request to report
  • Elimination of transcription errors
  • GP can look up results of tests conducted in hospital (ward, outpatients or A&E) – reducing need for rebleeding patients
  • Ecofriendly – Reduction in paper use and confidential waste

New Surgery or New Practice System: If you are a surgery wishing to register for access to ICE, or if you are already registered but your practice system is changing, please complete the appropriate form below and send to pathology IT manager

New user for existing system – contact Pathology IT manager by email with details of:

  • name
  • role
  • national prescribing number (GMP number) (for salaried GPs)

User guides

User Guides GP FAQ

Test not on ICE

If the test you require is not on ICE, please contact the laboratory to discuss requirements and then complete a manual request form (see below).

Manual request forms

Please order tests electronically via ICE (GP and community) or PAS (hospital users).

In the event that these systems are unavailable, please download the following request forms to complete manually. Please note the mandatory fields must be completed in order for us to process the samples.

Please do not use abbreviations for tests that are not listed. Instead write the test out in full so that the correct test can be conducted.

Blood transfusion

Haematology, Biochemistry, Immunology


Point of Care

Diagnostic Cytology


Verbal requests

Biochemistry and Haematology

  • If a sample has already been sent to the laboratory, additional tests may be requested verbally. Please ring the laboratory to discuss requirements and to ensure that the sample is still valid for the additional test(s) required.


  • Verbal requests are not accepted.
  • Scanned copies of request forms for additional tests may be emailed to with an explanation and date of original request or lab number if result already received
  • Please note that non serology specimens are normally only viable for 48 hours after collection and may not be available for additional testing.

Diagnostic Cytology

  • No verbal requests for diagnostic specimen preparation are accepted without an appropriate request form. If a verbal telephone request is received from a clinician to share a specimen which has already been sent to another department within pathology, a request form for diagnostic cytology must be provided before the specimen can be processed. If no form is received within a week, the specimen will be discarded.


  • Verbal requests are not accepted.
  • Frozen sections should be pre-booked with the department but the sample should be sent with a written request form on the day.
  • Request for additional testing of material already held (for example genetics testing) should be made in writing and submitted to the reporting pathologist so that suitable arrangements can be made for testing.

Point of Care Testing

  • All swabs must have a Scan Only label attached or be accompanied by downtime form.