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Our laboratory Test Catalogue provides a list of tests, specimens container, sample storage and turnaround times.

Guide to safe sample collection.

Test Catalogue (tests and bottle types)

If you require a test that is not listed, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Pathology Test Catalogue. To search this document, open it,  hold down the control key and press the “F” (find) key. A dropdown box will appear in the top right corner.

Haematology minimum retesting intervals

Histology repertoire and turnaround times

Order of Draw (order of taking blood samples)

  • Order of Draw of blood samples. Please fill each tube to the fill line.

Requests and specimen labelling requirements

Do not attach pre-printed labels over the clear section of the container, or over the expiry date of the container.

For other sample collection techniques and guidelines, see the relevant department.

Out of Hours tests available

Select tests are available out of hours (8pm-9am).

Referral laboratories

Tests sent to referral centres are often very expensive and may require special transport arrangements. Request forms should have full clinical details to justify the test. The return of results from samples sent elsewhere may vary from one week to several months, depending on the test.