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The Mortuary department is responsible for taking care of the deceased until next of kin have organised an undertaker to make the funeral arrangements.

For enquires about a loved one please contact the hospital patient affairs officer via the main switchboard on: 01622 729000.

For further support and help you may also want to talk to the care team who looked after the patient before they died.

The department holds a Human Tissue Authority (HTA) Licence.

Information for undertakers

The deceased will only be released from the mortuary for burial or cremation on production of the original funeral director release form, signed by the family. This is issued to the family by the hospital when the family collects the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.

This saves waiting for the death to be registered and the green disposal form to be issued by the registrar, allowing the bereaved to view the deceased at the funeral parlour more quickly.

A copy of the green disposal form (issued by the registrar) will not be accepted as authorisation for collection.

Opening hours

The mortuary is attended 9.00am – 3.30pm, Monday – Friday

If urgent access is required when the mortuary is closed, please contact the on call mortuary technologist via Switchboard on 01622 792000


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