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As your baby’s condition improves, staff on the unit will start to prepare you and your family in advance for discharge home. The Neonatal Unit has three parent rooms each with en-suite facilities. You will be able to stay in the same room as your baby overnight (rooming in) and totally care for your baby. This will give you the opportunity to become familiar with your baby’s behaviour and feeding routine whilst help is at hand if needed.

Prior to discharge you will also be taught basic resuscitation skills, and given the necessary information regarding ongoing medical needs, medication and outpatient appointments.

You will need to register your baby’s birth. Your baby must be registered with your local doctors surgery as soon as possible after birth. Your GP and health visitor will be informed of your baby’s discharge home.

Please ensure your car is fitted with a car seat before discharge from hospital. You can find some more helpful advice about going home here.

The personal child health record is given to parents following the birth of their baby. The book helps you and health professionals keep a record of your child’s growth and development and preventative health care.