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The paediatric consultants rotate on a weekly basis. The on-call consultant will come to the unit on a daily basis at approximately 9am to discuss and review all aspects of your baby’s care and treatment. All parents are welcome to attend all ward rounds (except the Monday morning ward round which is a teaching round), for information on their baby’s care but we do ask that you leave the room whilst other babies are being discussed to preserve their privacy and maintain confidentiality. You are welcome to make an appointment to speak to the consultant – ask the nurse caring for your baby to arrange this for you.

You may also be asked to leave the room during nursing handovers to respect the privacy of other babies. After the handover the nursing staff will be pleased to discuss any aspects of your baby’s care with you.

Other individuals, departments and support services involved with the Neonatal Unit include ward clerks, housekeeper, cleaner, ophthalmologist, radiographers, pharmacist, dietician, audiologist, speech and language therapist, midwife, health visitor, general practitioner, safeguarding team, social worker, obstetrician and paediatric physiotherapist.