Bank and agency expenditure and WTE data

These figures are the expenditure which is reported in the audited accounts of the Trust.

The table contains data for the expenditure on temporary staff (either external Agency or internal Staff Bank) for a specific Financial Year. Each financial year runs April to March, with each month specified as a ‘period’. For example, Year 1819 Period 06 represents September 2018.

Information has been reported by directorate (the main management units of the organisation) and then by grade, and expense type (subjective code). There is also a column for additional information which may clarify certain groups of temporary staff – for example, therapists are shown by their local teams such as physiotherapists or dieticians.

A whole time equivalent (WTE) indicates the proportion of hours compared to someone on full time standard hours for their staff group (e.g. 1 WTE = 37.5 hours per week for most non-medical staff).