We offer several current awareness options to help staff to remain as up to date as possible with news and developments in their specialties. If you have any questions about these services, please contact Emma Aldrich (emma.aldrich@nhs.net)



Our Netvibes pages allow us to bring journal contents, news, and website links into one subject-based environment.

If your specialty is not represented, please contact a member of the team and we will talk to you about what you want to see on your tailored tabs.



KnowledgeShare is a tailored current awareness service that allows us to send you relevant, high-level evidence via email, no more than twice a month, linking you to hand-picked content from a select number of journals.

The content focuses on guidelines, policies and summarised evidence so that you are not inundated with primary research articles.

To be added to the KnowledgeShare system please complete this form and send it back to one of the Trust Library Services.


This site offers the largest collection of scholarly journal contents pages. Search by subject, title or article keyword, and publishers. Sign up to receive the contents page of newly published journals via email as soon as they are released.