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Radiotherapy Physics provides a full clinical science service to the Oncology Care Group and ensures that radiotherapy treatments are planned accurately using both external beams and radioactive sources (brachytherapy).

Using complex three dimensional computer planning systems, patients are correctly immobilized using custom-made devices and treatments are simulated to confirm the correct direction of radiotherapy beams.

A wide range of measurement, safety and quality assurance activities are provided by physicists and technical staff. These include the calibration and quality control of radiotherapy treatment machines and highly radioactive sources so that the prescribed radiation dose is delivered to the patient correctly and accurately, the calibration of devices used to confirm the dose delivered to the patient, the measurement of radiation beam data for very complex 3 dimensional treatment planning systems and the procurement and commissioning of radiotherapy treatment machines both using radioactive sources and high energy x-ray beams and associated equipment.

Staff also advise on the application of relevant legislation and develop processes and procedures to ensure Trust compliance.

In addition staff are proactive in carrying out research and development into new devices and techniques to improve patient treatments and participate in teaching and training of various staff groups.

Contact us

  • Mark Fleckney, Head of Radiotherapy Physics, 01622 227023