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The Computer Science Section ensures the safety of all patients whose treatment involves the use of computer controlled and networked therapy and diagnostic equipment in the Oncology Centre.

The section is responsible for the maintenance and development of the real-time patient management system (Kent Oncology Management System KOMS), which is used at both Canterbury and Maidstone for scheduling clinics and patient treatments and works closely with the Kent and Medway Cancer Network on the implementation and maintenance of the Kent-wide chemotherapy prescribing system (Clynisys).

In addition the section supports and maintains the safety critical clinical network linking the Oncology Centre verification, three-dimensional treatment planning and treatment machines (linear accelerators) and the general networked systems,(both hardware and software) for the Oncology Centre at both Canterbury and Maidstone sites.

Staff also provide and support a wide range of scientific applications including highly complex mathematical modelling systems (Monte-Carlo techniques) using computer clusters and image transfer and analysis for patient treatment planning. The section is also responsible for developing quality assurance methodologies for these processes.

The computer science section also supports the collection and analysis of Cancer patient data and processes and provides private patient data to the Oncology Centre finance manager.