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Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust provides the highest and safest standards of care for mothers and babies. Our maternity services have been rated the best in the country following a review by NHS England.

Read or download this information booklet summarising the main options available in the area to help you decide what birth you want and where you want it. Your midwife will discuss your medical history and any previous births with you, as this may affect your options. Depending on your pregnancy you can choose to have your baby at home, in our acclaimed birth centres at Maidstone and Crowborough, or on our consultant-led labour ward at Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

At MTW, we also want to give the right support to create a positive birth experience. To help us better respond to your needs, we encourage you to identify your birth preferences. Download this birth preferences template  and print out and include in your notes for health professionals to read while caring for you – or visit NHS Choices. Writing your birth preferences provides a good opportunity to talk about your options with your community midwife and/or birth partner.

Parents-to-be can also attend our popular hypnobirthing antenatal course, which runs at both Maidstone Birth Centre and the maternity unit at Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

Contact us

The maternity team can be contacted:

  • For urgent clinical concerns or problems, contact the maternity unit at Tunbridge Wells Hospital on 01892 633500
  • For non-clinical maternity matters, contact the Midwifery Liaison Office on 01892 638158 
  • The Birth Centre team can be contacted on 01622 220161


It’s easy to donate money to our maternity units to help enhance the facilities and services we provide to our parents and their families. Simply visit our Fundraising page for more information.

Tell us about your care

We are carrying out a survey of women who have recently given birth to ask about their experiences of antenatal care, childbirth and postnatal care. This is part of a national programme to improve quality of care and women’s experiences. Find out more about the National Maternity Survey 2017.

Results from maternity survey 2015

Read how woman have high confidence in our maternity services following a national patient survey. You can also download the reports:

Birth Voices MSLC

Birth Voices Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC) is a group of local parents and health professionals working together to improve maternity services in West Kent. Representatives from Birth Voices regularly ask for feedback from new parents about their experiences of maternity care and these experiences help to guide services and policies locally. If you would like to help make a difference to maternity services or would like to share your views please email or visit our Facebook page or follow us on twitter @Birth_Voices