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We have been selected as a training hub for Kent and Medway, under the umbrella of the South East Training Academy.

The training hub is a dynamic and innovative way of training people and will boost the training of the next generation of endoscopists. Where it has previously taken five years to train endoscopists, the new hub will train people to perform procedures within just six months. This will revolutionise endoscopy in the region and across the country.

As part of service expansion, the recent purchase of a state-of-the-art endoscopy virtual reality simulator will help train clinical endoscopists in an immersive environment. This will help the Trust to expand service capacity to treat patients from across Kent and Medway.

Providing expert training services to other trusts also increases the number of staff able to enter the workforce and expands endoscopy service capacity across the region.

Statement from the South East Endoscopy Training Academy:

“Ensuring a continuous supply of well- trained medical professionals is a high priority if we are to have a functioning NHS. The endoscopy units at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells are the Kent & Medway Hub Unit of the South East Endoscopy Academy. The Academy provides training for doctors, clinical endoscopists, nurses and members of the administrative team involved in endoscopy with programmes for new starters and senior members of staff learning additional skills. There may be an Academy trainee involved in your care. It is important to understand that this will not reduce the standard of care that you can expect.

Your endoscopist may be described as a trainee clinical endoscopist or junior doctor. The phrase “junior doctor” is used for all doctors other than consultants. If you have a junior doctor performing your procedure, they will have been qualified for between five and fifteen years and have a wealth of medical experience. They will have demonstrated expertise at performing other complex invasive procedures before being allowed to learn endoscopy. All our endoscopists are called “trainee” until they have undertaken each procedure at least 250 times and are able to perform it entirely unsupervised. You may have a trainee colonoscopist who already undertakes other endoscopic examinations independently with a high level of skill.

All trainees are closely overseen by highly experienced clinicians with additional teaching qualifications. Their involvement will vary from minimal supervision to physical assistance with the procedure if they feel this to be necessary. The supervisor will be in the room at all times.”

If you have any questions or feedback about training in endoscopy, please either discuss them with the team looking after you or contact the Endoscopy Academy at