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We are looking forward to welcoming you to the Trust and are eager for your first impression of us to be as positive as possible. We have therefore created this breakdown to give you an idea of what to expect when starting with MTW:

Your first day

In the lead up to your first day, your line manager will usually contact you to confirm reporting instructions, working hours and provide any relevant information in regards to your job role that you will need to know prior to starting. Your line manager will often be your first point of contact to welcome and introduce you to your team. You will be shown any fire exits and other key points and help you to find your way around the hospital.


All staff joining MTW are required to undertake an online induction which forms part of your mandatory training and provides you with important information about MTW including Information Governance and other essential training material. Mandatory training must be completed by all new starters, and existing staff prior to the training expiry date. Once in post you will also have a local induction, which covers items such as how to locate local policies, the location of key equipment and other local induction checks

Clinical Induction: You will be send a schedule of your clinical induction prior to you starting, the basis of the induction you attend is dependent on your role with the trust.


Appraisals During your induction your manager will discuss your job role with you. You will have regular probationary review meetings and have the opportunity to contribute to your induction and training programme.

Your progress will be evaluated at your annual appraisal meeting, and you will be expected to demonstrate how you have met your SMART objectives set by your line manager.This is also an opportunity to discuss your training and development needs and plan with your manager how these can be met for the year to come.