LGBT+ Network

Our vibrant LGBT+ Network launched in May 2017 and, endorsed by the Trust Board, plays an important role within the Trust with three key functions:

  • To provide a forum for staff to talk about issues that specifically affect them, providing advice and guidance to anyone approachng the network seeking help
  • To raise awareness of equality in the workplace; hosting diversity events and being subject matter experts for all changes to or new services proposed by the Trust in terms of LGBT inclusion
  • To provide an element of scrutiny when required to consider reports on monitoring data

Co-Chaired by Sharon Melville and Mick Stupples, Dr Peter Maskell, Medical Director is the Network’s Executive Sponsor. Jo Hand, John Kennedy, Sharon and Mick are out gay people who want others to reach out to them for support should they need it.

Sharon Melville

Mick Stupples

Peter Maskell

John Kennedy

Jo Hand







Anyone can join the Network and participate as much or as little as you can – come to meetings, attend events, join the WhatsApp group or join our confidential mailing list. Read the latest newsletter here: Get in contact by dropping us an email : or contacting Sharon, Mick or Peter direct.




Network Meeting Dates 2018

6th September, 9.30am – 12pm : Education Centre, TWH
11th October, 9.30am – 12pm : Academic Centre, Maidstone
8th November, 9.30am – 12pm : Educaton Centre, TWH
6th December, 9.30am – 12pm : Academic Centre, Maidstone

You don’t have to be out to join the network – we have confidential correspondence that allows people to be kept up to date with the network activities without being part of an open mailing list. Contact for further details.

Stonewall Diversity Champion Partners

MTW are partners with Stonewall which enables our LGBT+ communities to flourish and individuals to reach their full potential. With their guidance, the determination of a fantastic Network and collaboration of our Allies Network, we have increased our Workplace Equality Index Score year on year. With the aim to be in the Top 100 Employers by 2020, we will be revealing our plans to get there soon!

Did you know that support and advice is available from Choices, a Maidstone based charity who have LGBT Independent Domestic Violence Advisors and work with male victims of domestic violence. See their website for more details:

Events & Activities

The Network are involved in a number of events and activities – take a look at some of them here.

LGBT Conference – Standing Together, Caring Together (COMING October 2018!!)

The first NHS-led multi organisation LGBT+ Conference in the Kent and Medway area will take place on 19th October 2018 during Hate Crime Awareness Week. Along with guest speakers, this will be a great opportunity to develop relationships between organisations. As a CPD event, all staff are welcome to attend!

Brighton Pride Parade (August 2018)

Walking with Brighton and Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust and celebrating NHS70 to boot! Many thanks to Nicola Caley, Quality Assistant at BSU who made this happen!!




LGBT History Month (February 2018) – Standing Together, Caring Together

February saw the first (and certainly not last!) collaboration with Kent Fire and Rescue and Kent Police. Standing Together, Caring Together saw our caring professions coming together to demonstrate that irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity, inclusion is a key focus for our public services and that everyone counts.



Official LGBT+ Network Launch (November 2017)

The LGBT+ Network officially launched in November 2017 with stands at both Hospital sites loaded with homemade cakes and a competition.





The First Tunbridge Wells Pride Parade (August 2017)

On Sunday 20th August, some of our LGBT+ Network members joined hundreds of people in the first ever Pride parade in Tunbridge Wells. Sporting T-shirts adorned with a graphic designed by our Management Accountant, Erol Sonat, they were led by a band in a carnival atmosphere from Mount Ephraim to The Forum where a family friendly party continued into the early evening.





Transgender Awareness Week (November 2016)

In support of this, we ran Transgender Awareness Workshops during the week. Hosted by Kristiana Taylor, an openly trans woman and member of staff here at MTW, staff had an opportunity to hear her journey. Find out more about Kristiana here.

LGBT+ Allies

Many LGBT+ people feel nervous about opening up at work or when needing care in a Hospital environment, fearing discrimination or exclusion. Here at MTW we want to make sure that isn’t the case and have an energetic LGBT+ Allies Network. An Ally is someone who’s supportive of their LGBT+ colleagues, patients and visitors: an advocate, supporter and friend and who helps to create an environment where LGBT+ people feel included and accepted.

Our Allies range from Clinical Support Workers and Staff Nurses to Executives, Matrons and Managers. Anyone can be an Ally – if you have the ability to listen, support and taken action where necessary to ensure that people are treated with fairness, kindness and respect, contact for further details. Find out how to contact our Allies here.

Here are our Allies…..