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During your stay in hospital a member of the pharmacy team will visit the ward each weekday. You may see technicians and pharmacists on the ward.

The technician, or pharmacist, will check through the medication that you have brought with you and ask you questions about your regular prescriptions. You will also be asked about any medicines which you buy over the counter,including complementary remedies and vitamins. Having an accurate and detailed list of the medicines you are taking before your hospital admission helps us to advise on changes to your medicines and to be alert for adverse effects or interactions.

The ward pharmacist will refer to the medication history and discuss any concerns with the doctors who are responsible for your care. The pharmacist will ‘screen’ the prescription chart (often referred to as a ‘drug chart’) making sure that doses and dosage times are appropriate and checking for any drug interactions.

If you are coming into hospital for treatment, please bring all your medicines with you. Whilst on the wards, they will be kept in a locked cabinet beside your bed. This enables us to continue your treatment without interruption. When you leave hospital your medicines will be returned to you and, if your own supply is running low, a further supply will be dispensed for you. Please bring your prescribed medicines in their original boxes or bottles. These have a label printed with your name and dosage instructions.

Don’t forget – medicines includes items such as inhalers, eye drops, patches and creams. 

It is easy to overlook these important treatments.