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Our skilled inpatient therapists provide assessments and interventions to promote independence and facilitate a safe discharge home from hospital.

We assess patients with a range of conditions under the following specialties:

  • Medical
  • Surgical
  • Elderly Rehabilitation
  • Orthopaedic (both elective and trauma)
  • Neurology, including stroke and neuro rehabilitation
  • A&E
  • Oncology

The Occupational Therapy Process

Following receipt of a referral, the occupational therapy process will begin with an Initial Interview/ assessment. This involves a discussion with the patient and the family or carers to gather information relating to the individuals home environment and how they were managing before they were admitted to hospital. From this information, the occupational therapist will form a treatment plan with the patient, working closely with other members of the team. Further interventions may include;

  • Assessment of motor and sensory skills
  • Assessment of cognitive and perceptual skills
  • Assessment of mood and motivation
  • Transfer assessment (in/ out of bed, chair and toilet)
  • Kitchen assessment
  • Personal Care assessment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Access visit (Home assessment without patient)
  • Home visit (Home assessment with the patient)
  • Equipment provision e.g commodes, toileting equipment and wheelchairs
  • Liaison with carers, care agencies and community services

We have modern facilities available for inpatient assessment purposes including:

  • Fully equipped therapy gyms
  • Assessment kitchens
  • Assessment bathrooms

How to refer

Referrals for inpatient occupational therapy services are made by the nursing staff or medical team on the ward. If you feel a relative, or maybe yourself would benefit from an Occupational Therapy referral, please discuss with the relevant nursing team.