A BME Network Forum will be re-launched in 2016 which will ensure that the Trust continually improves equality in the provision of healthcare, other services and employment and complies with equality, non-discrimination and human rights law.

The BME Network Forum will:

  • Provide a forum for staff to talk about issues that specifically affect them
  • Raise awareness of equality in the workplace and host events, diversity days and initiatives
  • Raise concerns of racial discrimination with senior leaders in the Trust
  • Support the career development of BME staff
  • Provide strategic advice to MTW on the issues affecting BME staff
  • Provide advice and guidance in the development and review of Trust policies and procedures
  • Provide advice and guidance in personnel issues including recruitment, selection, retention and training
  • Consider reports on BME issues at MTW, including reports relating to monitoring data and good practice
  • Engage in and promote coaching and mentoring opportunities for BME staff
  • Participate in and promote reverse mentoring
  • Promote MTW as a great place to work for BME staff
  • Liaise with BME service users and BME community groups to raise awareness of their health needs and their perceptions of the NHS
  • Support the establishment of a BME Allies programme