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Ward 30 is a 30 bed unit caring for trauma and orthopaedic patients. It is located in orange zone on level 3 at Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

Ward manager: Rachel Harradine (Interim Ward Manager)

Matron: Tina Cooper

Ward telephone number: 01892 635412 (main nurses’ station) or 01892 635868 (main nurses’ station and ward flow co-ordinator) or 01892 635426 (nurses’ station for rooms 11 to 21) or 01892 635597 (nurses’ station for rooms 22 to 31).

Visiting hours: T

To help protect our patients and staff from coronavirus we have revised our visitor policy. Please contact the ward for details about the designated visiting times. For the latest information about our visitor policy, please click here.

Children are not permitted to visit at the present time except in exceptional circumstances (this will need to be agreed by the Ward Manager)

For more information about protected meal times and infection control on our wards, view the Visiting hours page.