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Pulmonary Rehabilitation is an exercise and education programme designed for people with lung disease who are experiencing symptoms of breathlessness.

Evidence has shown that completing of a Pulmonary Rehabilitation course can improve people’s ability to walk further, help them feel less tired and breathless when carrying out day-to-day activities, and have an improved quality of life.

Who are we

We are part of a Respiratory Integrated Care Pathway consisting of Respiratory Consultants, Respiratory Nurses, Physiotherapists, Rehabilitation Assistants and an Administration Team.

What we do

We accept patients who have a GP in West Kent. Our Pulmonary Rehabilitation team support patients with chronic lung conditions (COPD, Chronic Asthma, Interstitial Lung Disease and Bronchiectasis) through a programme of exercise and education in group sessions at local venues.

Our Respiratory Nurses see patients in the hospital and in the community. They also play a large role in assessing and supporting patients, and presenting educational talks for pulmonary rehabilitation.

How is the Pulmonary Rehabilitation programme run?

Before starting a programme you will be assessed for suitability by a Physiotherapist, Pulmonary Rehabilitation Practitioner, or Pulmonary Rehabilitation Assistant under the supervision of a qualified professional face-to-face, normally at the venue where the course will be held. This will involve a medical review, an exercise test, completing some questionnaires about you and your lung condition, and setting one or two goals that you wish to achieve following completion of the programme. This usually takes around one hour and 15 minutes.

Group courses are held at local venues, such as church halls, community centres and health centres in Maidstone area, Sevenoaks (Bat and Ball) and Chiddingstone Causeway. Classes can accommodate up to sixteen people, who all have a lung condition. The programme is conducted over 6 weeks with two sessions per week (one face to face class and one home session supervised via telephone). Each of the 12 sessions consist of up to an hour exercise (including a warm-up and a cool-down), and an education session,

The programmes are supervised by a qualified Physiotherapist or Pulmonary Rehabilitation Practitioner, and supported by trained health care professionals such as a Physiotherapy/Respiratory Assistant and Respiratory Nurses.

How do you get referred into the service?

You need to be referred by your Consultant, GP or another healthcare professional (such as respiratory nurse, practice nurse, physiotherapist or pharmacist).

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