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Neurology means disorders and diseases of the brain and nervous system. Our clinical team consists of Consultant Neurologists (who are linked to King’s College Hospital) and Nurse Specialists.

Consultant Neurologists

All consultants except Dr Chan do general neurology clinics for patients with any neurological disease. Sub specialist expertise and phone numbers of consultants’ PAs are indicated.

Maidstone Hospital

Appointment enquiries: 01622 228219

  • Dr Johnathan Chan (Cognitive Neurology) 01622 224567
  • Dr Robert Hadden (Peripheral Nerve) 01622 224442 – Neurology Clinical Lead for the Trust
  • Dr Poly Sengupta (Headache)
  • Dr Naheed Khan (Parkinson’s, movement disorders & botulinum toxin for dystonia) 01622 224448

Tunbridge Wells Hospital


  • Dr Catherine Lloyd (Motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis) 01892 633530
  • Dr Laura Petzold (Multiple sclerosis) 01892 633183
  • Dr Gerry Saldanha (Specialist treatments for migraine multiple sclerosis, neurology training programme director for south London) 01892 633183
  • Dr Andrew Westwood

Nurse Specialists

Multiple Sclerosis

  • Geraldine Brand (Tunbridge Wells)
  • Tina Hill (Maidstone)

Parkinson’s disease

  • Sue Jacobs (Maidstone)
  • Sue Kerkin (Tunbridge Wells)


  • Helen Hordle (Community nurse for West Kent)

Most patients are seen in the outpatient clinic by a Consultant Neurologist. Intravenous infusions and lumbar punctures may be done in our day units at Maidstone or Tunbridge Wells. Patients with urgent conditions may be admitted to an acute medical ward where neurologists offer a consultation service on most working days. A few patients requiring highly specialist investigations and treatment may be referred to the regional neuroscience centre at King’s College Hospital in London.

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