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It is noted that the Trust has an objective relating to the vacancy rate and figures at the end of March are included in the Annual Report. This Freedom of Information request seeks to find-out the vacancy rate specifically among Registered Midwives by Site.
1. Accordingly, please give the vacancy rate at the end of March 2021 (or the most recent figures) for the registered midwife group.
2. For comparison purposes, please also give equivalent figures for the previous two years.
3. For directly employed Registered Midwives, provide the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) staff in post, showing these figures against the planned workforce level.
4. Please provide a breakdown of these figures according to the employees regular main place of work (“site”) (whether it be the birth centre in Maidstone, birth centre in Crowborough, obstetric unit at Pembury or community midwifery).

Download response Vacancy rate specifically among Registered Midwives. 070621