By interim managers we mean any manager who is referred to as “interim” or “temporary” in the trust Annual Reports for the five previous financial years up to 2014/2015.

For each individual interim manager, please provide:
1. The name, position within the trust, and the recruitment firm associated with the interim manager.
2. The total amount paid for the services of the interim manager, and for how many months’ work.
3. Out of the money paid for the individual’s services, how much of that money went to the recruitment firm (i.e. was not part of the interim manager’s salary).
4. Please could you provide the information from the five previous financial years up to 2014/2015 in Excel Format?
5. In a separate data set, please could you provide how much has been spent this year up to the present date (4/2/16) in Excel format?

Download response Trust’s expenditure on Interim Managers 2014/2015 290316