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1. Does your trust have separate preoperative assessment clinics for each specialty or combined clinics?
2. Where does preoperative assessment sit in your trust’s management or organisational structure.
3. Please provide a full management or organisational structure to illustrate where preoperative assessment sits.
4. How many patients attend preoperative assessment per year in: T&O, general surgery (upper and lower GI, breast), urology, ophthalmology (cases under general anaesthesia only), gynaecology, ENT, Max Fax, other.
5. Please indicate numbers per year for each specialty if possible.
6. If unable to provide numbers per speciality, please provide total numbers per year and indicate which specialties are included in this number.
7. How many total whole time equivalents (WTE) nurses for preoperative assessment of these patients; please provide number of WTE for each band of nursing staff.
8. How many consultant anaesthetist sessions in preoperative assessment per week?
9. Does your trust provide a Prehabilitation service for patients undergoing surgery?
10. If a Prehabilitation service is provided, what does this comprise and for whom?
11. Does your trust have an Enhanced Care Ward?
12. Does your trust provide CPET for surgical patients?
13. Does your trust have a department or directorate of Perioperative Medicine?

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