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Q1. What Hospitals within your Trust run their own Pathology Labs or Departments?
Q2. At these labs what LIS / LIMS Solution do you use to manage the day-to-day operations.
Q3. When are your LIS / LIMS contracts is up for renewal?
Q4. Which of the 29 Regional Pathology Networks do your hospitals belong to?
Q5. Are you planning to replace your LIS / LIMS at any point in any of your hospitals in the near future? Are there any plans to move to a Pathology Network wide LIS / LIMS for instance (and if so – can you state at this time which Solution)?
Q6. Do your Labs work with or have ties to other organisations that mean they work as a part of another Pathology collaborative (and will this impact how your labs your work within the Regional Pathology Network that they have been assigned to)?
Q7. What LAS (Lab Automation Systems) do you have in each of your Labs?
Q8. What Middleware solutions do your Labs use if any?
Q9. How many tests per year do your Labs do?

Download response Pathology Lab Information. 151021.docx