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Since October 2017, NHS providers and non-NHS providers have been legally required to recover full charges for services that are not immediately necessary or urgent, in advance of providing them.
Please could you tell me:
1. What is the total amount of revenue that the Trust brought in by these charges?
2. What is the total cost (or estimated cost) to the Trust of implementing these rules? (Including staffing costs).
3. Please provide a breakdown of all the charges that have been collected by the Trust. This should be itemised by the list of categories that is included in the overseas patient upfront tariff price list. For each speciality/category, please state:
(a) the total number of times that patients have been charged for this category of treatment;
(b) the total amount of money collected for this category of treatment.
NB: All of the statistics requested should start from when upfront charges were introduced in
October 2017, and go up to either 31 December 2018, or whenever your records go up to.

Download response Overseas patient upfront tariff.260219