1. Which of the following Orthotic Services does your Trust provide?
2. If your service is run by a 3rd Party –
3. Over the last five financial years, how many orthotics patients were treated?
4. Regarding Orthotic Sessions run over the last 12 months, please provide the number of:
5. Regarding your current Orthotic Service Waiting times:
6. Is your service managed and awarded with any other service i.e. Podiatry, prosthetics?
7. Can you provide annual volumes of prescriptions/orders for the last 12 months –
8. Regarding Orthotic Footwear –
9. Can you give the breakdown of your financial performance vs budget for your Orthotic Service annually for the last 5 years?
10. Are there any planned changes to the structure of your Orthotic Service in the next 12 months? If yes, please specify.
11. Do you have a framework for Orthotic products? If so please provide the file or a hyperlink to the file.
12. Regarding your patient administration / IT System:
13. How many complaints have you received regarding your Orthotic Service in the last 5 years, broken down by year and give a number for your total current open complaints?

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