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1. How many LA and CCGs are served by your organisation for all acute, community and specialist services?
Please list them all.
2. Does your organisation provide the Orthoptic Services for the resident populations of these LAs and CCGs? Y/N
3. Is a vision screening service currently available in the area (by LA or CCG) served by your organisation for providing Orthoptic Services? Y / N
If NO – please list the LA/CCG that do not provide a vision screening service
If YES – For each commissioned screening service please indicate:
a. Who commissions it – LA or CCG?
b. Its compliance with the PHE service specifications i.e. Orthoptic-led and delivered with Quality Assurance and clinical audit processes (…)
i. Compliant
ii. Not compliant
4. List the key features of each commissioned screening service:
a. Settings (e.g. school).
b. Screening personnel (e.g. orthoptist, school nurse or other health professional).
c. The onward care pathway for children who fail the vision screening.
d. The quality assurance processes (audit) and identified clinical lead for the vision screening service.
5. Tell us how you monitor if every eligible child in the Local Authority or CCG commissioning the service has been tested (including those in private schools, or those who are home schooled).
6. Tell us whether a vision screening programme has been commissioned for the current financial year
7. If a vision screening service is not currently available, in a Local Authority or CCG served by your Organisation could you please tell us for each of these LA or CCGs
a. why it has not been commissioned?
b. whether a service is planned for the next financial year (2020/21)?
c. whether an existing service has been recently decommissioned?

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