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1. What is the size of your informatics team (FTE)?
a. How many (or what %) of the informatics team are dedicated to workforce/HR reporting (FTE)?
*By informatics, I would be referring to those within the IT team that would be analysing insights for reporting outputs – business analyst type roles. There may be a specific team dedicated to workforce or employee reporting
2. Of the workforce/employee reporting, what is the estimated time split between standard and non-standard (custom) reporting. (examples of standard reports could include the weekly and monthly agency returns to NHS improvement and HR reporting inputs to the monthly board reports)
3. Does the trust use an analytics platform or a business intelligence (BI) reporting tool to support their organisational workforce/HR reporting requirements – excluding ESR? If so, can you please answer the below:
a. Name of the platform/reporting tool used (i.e, Qlik, Tableau, Spotfire, Microsoft)
b. Annual cost for 18/19:
c. Contract start and end date:

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