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1. How many of the following machines do you operate in your Trust?
2. What year were these machines installed, what is the model, and who is the Original Equipment Manufacturer?
3. Have you used a mobile MRI or CT service in the last 12 months? Approximately how many scans were undertaken on a mobile scanner in the last 12 months?
4. Is in-house capacity in the Trust near or fully utilised?
5. Are you currently in discussions or planning to explore the development of a Community Diagnostic Hub ( to serve future diagnostic demands for your Trust?
6. If the answer to question 5 is yes:
a. Are you exploring this with other local NHS Trusts, and if so, which ones?
b. Is your relevant ICS involved, and what role is it playing?
c. Do you know where a CDH would be located (e.g. on a current NHS site, in a new location)?

Download response MRI and CT services. 110521