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1. Please confirm the Trust’s total annual spend on agency Medical Locums
2. Please confirm what delivery model the Trust currently uses to engage agency Medical Locums:
a. Managed Service
b. PSL
3. If the Trust uses a managed service, please can you confirm the name of the provider and when this contract is due to expire
4. If the Trust uses a PSL, is this a third party PSL i.e. CCS framework, H T E Framework etc. or the Trusts own PSL?
5. Please confirm whether the Trust currently uses any form of e-rostering platform in relation to engaging Medical Locums. Yes / No, if Yes please can you confirm the name of this technology.
6. Does the Trust operate a Medical Locum staff bank Yes / No?
7. In relation to the above, does the Trust currently utilise any technology for running this staff bank – if yes, what is the name of this technology?
8. Is the trust participating in the DHSC / NHSI 2018 Bank Pilots?
9. Who is / are the person(s) responsible at trust level for leading the DHSC / NHSI Bank Pilots project? Please provide name(s) and job title(s).

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