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I have been very specific in my request regarding lone worker solutions that you may have procured. Please can you provide me with answers to the following:

1. How many lone workers does your organisation have?
2. Do you have an existing contract in place with a lone worker solutions supplier?
If Yes:
3. How many devices do you have in place?
4. What type of device / app is deployed to staff?
5. What was the total value of the contract awarded?
6. What is the price per unit?
7. What date was the contract started?
8. What date does the contract end?
9. Is there a potential extension applicable to this existing contract? If so, how long is it?
10. We you or have you applied that extension?
11. Who is your current supplier?
12. Was this contract accessed via a Framework?
13. When you go back out to market will you do this independently or via a framework?
14. Who is responsible for reviewing the market prior to next contract agreement?
If No:
15. Please provide the name, email address and contact number of the person(s) responsible for health, safety and risk management of your staff?

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