Q1 Please can you advise what action has been taken by your Trust in response to the Patient Safety Alert on Kawasaki Disease, issued on 11 May 2016?

Q2 Can you confirm for your Trust, if:
a) All current and past patients with giant coronary artery aneurysms resulting from Kawasaki Disease have been identified and made aware of the Patient Safety Alert
b) Current and past patients with existing or resolved coronary artery aneurysms resulting from Kawasaki Disease have all been identified and notified of the Patient Safety Alert
c) You have recalled these past Kawasaki Disease patients seen in the organisation, for assessment and given Patient Specific Protocols where needed

Feedback to share learning was sought from NHS bodies receiving the Alert.

Q3 Please can you advise what response your Trust, on receiving the Alert, gave?

Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired coronary artery disease in children in the UK. However, approaches to treatment and management of the disease in both the acute phase and long term management vary considerably. For your Trust, please can you confirm:
Q4 Are the 2013 Kawasaki Disease Management Guidelines; Management of Kawasaki Disease; D Eleftheriou, M Levin, D Shingadia, R Tulloh, NJ Klein, PA Brogan, actively implemented within your Trust? (you can download the document here: http://www.societi.org.uk/resources.html)

Kawasaki Disease affects a growing number of children and young people in the UK.
Q5 For your Trust, listing data sets individually, please provide, per calendar year for the period 2006 to 2016 inclusive, the following information:

Number of admissions of acute Kawasaki Disease
Month of case admission
Patient gender
Patient ethnicity
Age of patient at diagnosis
First four items of patient postcode (partial postcode which is non-identifiable)

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