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1. Has your histopathology laboratory outsourced any cases for reporting in the past year?
2. If yes, approximately what percentage of your work is outsourced?
3. Does your histopathology laboratory use any form of digital pathology?
4. Can you name the supplier(s) of your digital pathology solution?
5. If the answer to question 3 is “no”, can you indicate if you are looking to procure a digital pathology solution in the next year?
6. How much funding does the Trust have to implement this?
7. What would you use digital pathology for?
a. Research
b. Training
c. Primary diagnosis
d. Second opinion
e. MDT preparation and review
(Tick all that apply)
8. What LIS does your department currently use?
9. How old is your current LIS?
10. Does your laboratory workflow incorporate a barcoded tracking system?
11. If yes, what tracking system do you use?
12. To reduce the initial capital outlay, would you favour a cost per scan pricing model?
13. Would you consider an insourcing model where the digital pathology solution is tailored to your needs with scanners placed on site and images stored and streamed to your consultant workforce for reporting on your LIS?
14. Would you use an outsourcing model where your slides are sent offsite for scanning and cases reported by an external consultant team with reports returned direct to your LIS?
15. Would you prefer to purchase your own scanners and IMS and work directly with a partner provider to handle, store, and report your own images?

Implementation of digital pathology in Histopathology. 240222.docx