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1) Is your current IT Service Management function and associated software application based in house or Outsourced to a 3rd Party?
2) Please provide the full name and version of the ITSM software application in use?
3) What is the lifetime value of the contract and over how many years?
4) As part of the existing contract how many support operatives (agents) are licenced/subscribed to use the solution? (These are individuals who work on the desk in resolver groups, not customers using a Self-Service function).
5) When is the contract due for renewal?
6) How was the current solution procured – directly with the Vendor, through a Framework or via G Cloud?
7) What are your published procurement thresholds for tendering purposes?
8) What is the Authority’s strategy with regards to Cloud solutions as opposed to In House installations?
9) Has the organisation ever procured through the G Cloud Framework?

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