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1. Does the Trust provide hypoxic challenge testing services?
2. If yes, is HCT testing provided as an NHS service or as a private service?
3. If HCT testing is offered as a private service, what is the fee?
4. Do patients need a GP referral or consultant referral to access hypoxic challenge testing?
5. How is the HCT/fitness to fly service “marketed” to GPs and private patients?
6. Which patient groups / morbidities typically require HCT testing? e.g. patients with interstitial lung disease etc.
7. How many hypoxic challenge tests have been completed in the last year?
8. What is the current waiting time to access an HCT test?
9. Has the emergence of long Covid added to demand for fit to fly assessments in recent months?
10. For patients referred for a fitness to fly assessment, what outputs does the patient receive? e.g. a letter from a respiratory consultant advising whether they will need supplementary oxygen when flying, a consultation, any other intervention.

Hypoxic challenge tests.310522.docx