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All questions are shown as received by the Trust.
1) We understand the ICS/Trust has representation on the following Medicines Management / Prescribing / Formulary Committees:
• Kent and Medway Sub-ICB Prescribing Interface Group
• Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust Drugs and Therapeutic Committee
Please confirm if this is correct.
If not correct, please list the relevant Committess.
2) Does the Organisation have representation on any other medicines management / prescribing / formulary committees? If so, please advise which.
3) We have the following formularies listed as used by the Organisation:
• West Kent Interface Adult Formulary
Please confirm if this is correct and if not, please provide online link(s)/copy of relevant formularies.
4) Are any of the above formularies dominant when making prescribing decisions or does this depend on therapy area? Please say which is the relevant formulary of the Organisation.
5) If you use a PDF formulary, have you considered moving it to an online platform like Netformulary, and if yes, when are you planning to do so?

Formularies and Committees.260124.docx