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1. Does your organisation currently purchase any of the following or similar disinfection systems:
· Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour Disinfection Systems
· Mobile Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Systems
· Electrostatic Disinfection Systems
2. From which suppliers do you obtain these systems, and can you confirm the spend in the last 2 years?
3. Were these systems purchased through a tender or framework? If so, which one? Please provide the following details:
· Name
· Reference
· Where this was published
4. Are you under contract with your current supplier(s) for the above? If so, what are the start and end date(s) of the contract(s)?
5. Can you provide the name and contact details for the person(s) responsible for procuring these systems?
6. Can you provide contact details for the department responsible for managing this service or more broadly infection, prevention, and control?
7. Within this sector, are peer-reviewed studies considered a part of your selection for suppliers?
8. Many ultraviolet disinfection systems use Mercury bulbs – can you confirm if your systems use these alongside your associated environmental management procedures?

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