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1. Do you have a staff Health and Wellbeing Strategy for the Trust? If yes, can you supply an electronic copy?
2. As part of your strategy or through Occupational Health Department, do you or have you considered using Complementary Therapies to support staff? For example, holistic therapeutic massage for staff mental wellbeing and workplace stress, reflexology, sports massage for rehab and recovery or any others
3. If you do use complementary therapy – do you find it useful in reducing sickness absence, reducing stress related absences and expediting return to work?
4. If you don’t currently use complementary therapy, would you consider using them if they could help reduce sickness absence days, help manage workplace stress and help rehab/recovery from MSK related sickness?
5. Would you consider offering complementary therapy as a staff benefit at discounted rates or donations towards your hospital charity?
6. Would you consider employing a Complementary Therapist as part of your Occupational Health Team? If no, would you reconsider this if their qualification was gained via the NHS natural health school which is supported by NHS England?

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