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A list of the current medical imaging equipment held by the Trust across all hospital sites, providing the following information:
Q1: What is your overall spend on medical imaging products and services for the current year?
Q2: How much do you spend on each modality requested below for the current year:
a) Computed Tomography (CT)
b) Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
c) Ultrasound
d) Fluoroscopy
e) Mammography
f) Nuclear
g) Mobile X-ray
h) Static X-ray
Q3: A list of the current equipment held by the Trust across all hospital sites for each of the following:
a) Supplier
b) Product
c) Contract start date
d) Contract expiry date
e) Number of devices
f) Age of product
Example Response: 3 x Siemens Acuson SC2000, Initial cost £ 29,000, Contract start date 10/02/2022 Contract end date 10/02/2026, 6 years old
Q4: Annual cost of maintenance of equipment
Q5: What percentage of your imaging equipment has an element of Artificial Intelligence?

Clinical Imaging Equipment. 150322.docx