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What is the name of your acute trust?
(1) Does your trust provide a weight management service for children living with obesity?
Yes ☐ No ☐
If No, you need not answer further.
If yes, what is the name of the service and where delivered:
Who leads this service?
It is a hospital ☐ or community-based☐ clinic
(2) What if any are the criteria for eligibility to attend (for instance BMI >98th percentile)?
None ☐
Eligible if:
(3) Through what mechanism is the service funded?
NHS England ☐
Research ☐
Charity ☐
Trust Self-Funding ☐
Other ☐
Please specify
(4) Who are the key personnel providing service? Please tick all who apply:
a. Paediatricians ☐
b. Dieticians ☐
c. Psychologists ☐
d. Trained volunteers ☐
e. Hospital or Community based Nursing staff ☐
f. Exercise specialists ☐
g. Social workers ☐
h. CAHMS ☐
i. Youth workers ☐
(5) How many new cases are seen each year?
(6) Over how many weeks is the clinic intervention delivered?
(7) What is the usual follow up period (entry to discharge?)
(8) What final outcomes are collected: Examples: change in BMI, BMI SDS, Self Esteem, Waist Circumference, recruitment, retention.
Please list all.

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