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1. Please can you provide figures on the total number of patients who have had their operation cancelled for a second time. I would like these figures broken down by year for each of the past five years:
a. 2022,
b. 2021,
c. 2020,
d. 2019,
e. 2018.
For context, I am looking for incidents where the surgery was cancelled for non-clinical reasons (i.e. staff shortages, equipment problems, lack of theatre capacity) and also not at the request of the patient.
2. In addition, please can you provide the largest number of times that a single patient has had their operation cancelled for non-clinical reasons, over the past five years.
a. Please could you name the operation in question (e.g. hip replacement),
b. The year that the last cancellation took place (e.g. 2022).

Cancelled operations.280923.docx