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In the 12 months to date (23.08.18) please confirm the following:
1) Whether the Trust currently is, or has been in the past 12 months, engaged in a contract or written agreement with Bounty UK Limited. If the Trust is currently engaged in a contract please attach a copy of it, making necessary redactions in order to comply with the Act. Please provide the date that the contract began and/ or ended. Please provide an overview of the terms of payment. (i.e. per mother visited / per photo pack purchased).
2) Please confirm how much money has been paid to the Trust by Bounty UK Limited in the past 12 months and how many new mothers are recorded as having been approached by Bounty representatives (if held).
3) Please provide details of the policies the Trust has in place with regards to protecting new mothers (i.e. are representatives allowed on any ward at any time, or do they have restricted access? Are mothers given the option to opt out of being visited?)
4) Please confirm the number of complaints made to the Trust by new parents. If not time prohibitive, please provide details of the complaints.

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