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1 – In your Trust, how much did you spend on Biological and biosimilar medicines, in the past financial year ending April 2018?
2 – Have you developed a policy on how prescribers can switch their patients to biosimilars and support them in making informed choices to save resources?
If yes, please provide details
3 – Do you have any specific plans in place for the launch of biosimilar Adalimumab later in 2018?
4 – Are there any agreements in place between you the Provider and CCG that would enable savings in drug costs to be made? (For example, Gainshare agreements where the benefits associated with more efficient use of medicines not reimbursed through national prices is shared between the Provider and the Clinical Commissioning Group party to the agreement. This included agreements for the switch to biosimilar products)
If “Yes”, then please provide the following details:
5 – Are there any other agreements with a CCG, not included in the above, for the following services?
If “Yes”, then please provide the following details:

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